[Mixtape] DJ Royale “Breathe”

The latest work from my broham Royale!

Taken from GG: “1. Take air into the lungs and then expel it; 2. Be or seem to be alive because of this: #Breathe is a mix compiled by DJ Royale. A random selection that somehow makes sense. Just the right vibe to help you “lay in the cut”, then prepare you for whatever life throws at you next. No specific theme, a mix where the vibe dictates the destination. So sit back, build it, take a deep breath and #Breathe…”

A combination of that new hotness and a few gems from the past, check out one of the smoothest DJs on that mixtape tip. Artwork by our brother Atic from Committee Design, you know we keep it all in the family.


Ps. Shout out Aritzia 303. That is all.

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