[Mixtape] DJ Royale “The Total Package: Lex Luger”

*Rising Synths*

You might not have caught that reference right away, but if you’ve been on a Hip Hop blog or to a club in the past 2 years then you’ve definitely heard the sound. It’s a trademark audio bit from producer Lex Luger, who may not be a household name just yet, but over the past couple years he has quietly been building a very respectable resume.

After producing the majority of Waka Flocka’s debut album “Flockaveli”, he then crafted certified bangers for Rick Ross (“BMF”, “MC Hammer” & “9 piece”) Ace Hood (“Hustle Hard” & “Go N Get It”) and he even made it on #WTT (bonus track: “H.A.M.”). With a distinct new sound, Lex is quickly becoming one of Hip Hop’s most sought after producers having already worked with the likes of Jay-Z, KanYe West, Fabolous, Rick Ross, T.I., Drake and Snoop to name a few.

Although I really wish Juicy J’s “Who Da Neighbors” Remix made the final cut, it gives me great pleasure to share my broham’s latest work:

DJ Royale “The Total Package: Lex Luger”

Taken from GG:

“Ride with Royale as he showcases some of the finest production in ignorant hip hop music in recent years. Producer Lex Luger has been responsible for street anthems such as Hustle Hard – Ace Hood, Hard In Da Paint – Waka Flocka, B.M.F – Rick Ross and much more. Now sit back, light on up and ride to this, because ” this dat sh*t right there”, Swag.”

Download: “The Total Package: Lex Luger

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