[Live] The Throne (Jay-Z + KanYe West) in Detroit (11.26.11)

The Throne.

It was Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 and I was still ticketless for both Toronto dates (Nov. 23-24) of the highly anticipated Jay-Z & KanYe West concert. Mind you, it wasn’t because due to lack of effort. As far back as August, I can remember the hype surrounding the ticket sales and trying to convince someone to purchase floor seats with me (and actually use them, as opposed to selling). As expected, tickets for both dates sold out initially at a ridiculous speed, which is the norm for Jay-Z concerts as far as I know. Most of my friend had tickets or were planning on getting some, but none at the floor level. In hindsight, I can see why it would be difficult to convince people to buy $250+ tickets 2-3 months in advance nowadays.

August. September. October. Most of November.

Months flew by and for some reason, I was at peace knowing that I would be missing a concert that featured 2 of my favourite artists of all-time. That didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t until the social media chatter got to a boiling point a day before the first show (in Toronto) that I realized that I had to make something happen. Whether it was buying tickets from a scalper or grabbing some from a friend, I needed to do something and fast!

Assuming all tickets were spoken for, I hit up Kijiji & Craigslist for possible deals or even seats at face value. I found a good variety from floor seats up to 300 level. Who knows if some of them were scams (fake tickets) or not, but I was actually close to buying a pair of 100 level seats (lower bowl, towards the back) for face value. Having seen Jay 3-times during his last 2 stops in Ontario, I knew what it was like sitting somewhat close and somewhat far, so I knew I wanted to get as close as possible this time around. Just to be safe, I checked Ticketmaster.com for the slim chance that they would release more tickets and to my surprise, there were seats available at every price point for both shows! Are you kidding me? Sweet. So, it’s one day before the first show and I can have my choice for practically any seating area that I want. Slight problem: Who doesn’t already have seats one day before the show that actually wants to go?

Oh well, small hurdle because the big problem (getting good seats) is out of the picture. Before I committed to anything, I wanted to check out future dates in other cities, preparing myself for a potential road trip or flight. I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to travel, whether by car or plane it’s always a good time.

The next show after the double in Toronto?

Saturday, November 26h 2011 in Detroit, MI.

I love Motown. Detroit  (Michigan, in general) has always been good to me. Whether it’s picking up shoes (Jordan V “Grape” + DMP Package) or just going to see loved ones, I have very fond memories of Michigan.

To my surprise, there were still floor seats available! Not only that, but they were at least $50 cheaper (per ticket) than other big city dates (Toronto, Chicago, NY). I made a call to see if Bliss was down to roll with Me. She was down!

You can tell where it went from there.

Tickets purchased. Hotel booked. Car gassed up.


Since many people reading this probably went to the show or will be going at some point, I’ll spare the details of the concert, but I had an amazing time and it was worth every cent.

They performed “N****s In Paris” 7 times! That was the record until they did it 8 times in Chicago on December 1st.

The show started just after 9pm and was over 2 hours in length. It was my first time seeing KanYe (not counting the time he was on tour with Common before “College Dropout” came out) and he was good (as expected).

Thanks for the read and go check out the concert when it rolls through your town (or within road trip distance!)

Here are some pics and videos for your enjoyment:

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