[Event] Da Realness

Saturday April 14th 2012

[Da Realness]

Music by:



Hosted by:


Dazzling (291 King St)

$10 on Guest List before 12am | $15+ After

Email me for list: Guestlist@BigPhilly.ca

19+ ID | Style Code


Here is the write-up from Starstruck Productions:

“This is a party strictly for lovers of real Hip Hop and R&B.  When we say real, we mean real.  Music that has more meaning then just bling and catchy hooks.  The music we are talking about inspires positivity, real life, dancing, and love.  The hip hop we grew up with and R&B that touched our souls and hearts.  Those vibes are still alive and unfortunately over shadowed by the bubble gum flash over taking the markets today.  There was a time when hip hop and R&B was more then just a fad or trend.  It was a way of life, an attitude, and energy that inspired generations.  Da Realness event is dedicated to those ideals and has been build to pay homage to the artist from the past and present that still fight to keep the real deal music we love alive.”

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