Get Busy: Pharrell’s Productivity Secrets (from Fast Company)


Just getting around to reading this great interview/article. It’s about inspiration, courage and personal productivity. I love articles like this b/c it helps me refresh mentally, see things differently. While it still remains trendy to be “different”, I still find it uncommon. It makes me wonder if we’re different “to be different” or actually different. The way we act, the way we think, what we portray on social media or in-person is often influenced by people and things that don’t really matter in the long run. I’ve had a consistently evolving outlook on life the past year or so and I’m excited + inspired because I know this is just the beginning. I believe in destiny/universal plans more than I believe in “coincidences”, so I do not believe I clicked on and was motivated by this (article) by chance. People around me (on & offline) hold different spaces in my heart & mind, but whether “good” or “bad”, I value being able to learn + grow from them. Everybody plays a roll, some direct and some indirect and I appreciate that. With another birthday looming, it’s becoming more clear: I need more Me and less “Me”.

“I’ve always been the kid who didn’t fit in the box . The one who grew up in the projects of Virginia Beach wearing Led Zeppelin T-shirts and playing drums in a hip-hop band.” – Pharrell

Check the article below on Fast Company:


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