[Photos] The Dirtybird | Chicken + Waffles (V.I.P. Industry Night)


Chicken + Waffles needs little to no “explanation” or selling and I would be lying if I said we didn’t need a place like this in Toronto. To be honest, every major city needs a place like this.. Somewhere you can get your fill of delicious sweet and savoury food in an inviting environment, made by 2 critically acclaimed chefs (Adrian Forté & Brian “Lippo” Butler) that more than know their way around a kitchen.

Due to the way my Lent sacrifices are set up, I was unable to try to fried chicken (Yes, I’m aware that this defeats the purpose of attending a V.I.P. Night @ a Chicken + Waffles joint), however I tried the “Sweet Nuttins” (Waffles w/ sweet potato ice cream and candied walnuts) and it was amazing! Super fresh ice cream, sweet + crunch walnuts and two (perfect sized) mini-waffles. No complaints, just know I’LL BE BACK to try the fried chicken (and everything else) once Lent is over. The good thing is that EVERYBODY else had the chicken + waffles and they absolutely loved it, so you can rest assured that it was delicious!

Congratulations Brian Butler, Adrian Forte, Flo and the entire staff!

Here is the official flyer, make sure you check it out soon and often, they officially open for business on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 @ 11am:


Glad I ran into a lot of familiar faces, check out some of my pics below:

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