[Photos] The Legends League: Opening Day

After many successful pop-up shops, international press coverage, a cease & desist letter from Gucci Mane’s record label and years of hard work, “The Legends League” has opened it’s first physical home right in the heart of the city.

At 11am on Saturday, March 28th, Bryan Espiritu and his LL crew opened the doors to “The LL: Sweatshop” at 9 Camden St (around the corner from Livestock, near Spadina/Queen) to a huge crowd, including a solid line-up from 8pm (the night before!) until closing (7pm).

The Legends League (formerly “IdeaLL Clothing”) has been a brand familiar to many since the mid-late 2000’s, I first heard about the movement around 2006-08 when I met Bryan and saw posts on Myspace that featured the “*LL” marking. It was on Myspace that my friend DJ Mensa helped spread the message about creating your own “legends league”, which featured people who may have influenced you and/or made a difference in your life. The other element to this concept was to incorporate *LL into your screen name, which was perfect, so I quickly changed mine to “Big Phi*LLy”.

The first shirts I remember seeing was the “Sample” shirt with the heart on it and one of my personal favourites: TO DON’T LOVE U.

Through clean/crisp designs, Bryan consistently pushes the envelope while incorporating personal experiences with identifiable local & pop culture references and he does it while addressing political & social issues, it’s what sets his brand/clothing apart from the rest. A lot of his pieces are very relatable and I think that’s what makes them desirable as well, many of them have a personal element to them.

I didn’t take a lot of product shots because I want to encourage people to check out the shop, also… Almost everything was gone! I was hoping to re-buy the “HOME” and “TO DON’T LOVE U” shirts in my proper size, but I got there too late. I’ll have to catch a re-stock!

Congrats Bryan and the rest of the LL team!

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