[Photos] Made In America Festival

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia (Philly in Philly) for the Jay Z curated music festival, Made In America. It featured some of the biggest names in music from Beyoncé, TheWeeknd, J. Cole, Big Sean, Future, Nick Jonas, Modest Mouse, Fabolous and more.

This was my first big outdoor festival of this size (70,000+) and it was a great experience, very hot, but it was non-stop turn up! Everything was really well organized and I had no trouble getting in + to where I needed to be.

Lots of cool moments:

  • Watching BeyoncĂ© perform while chillin’ in the Roc Nation VIP w/ Nicki, Meek, Ty Ty and lots of ROC family
  • Walking by Nick Jonas and not realizing it was Nick Jonas, oops!
  • Big Sean riding past me in a golf cart backstage after his set
  • Fab, Santigold & A-Trak sitting in a mini-Escalade backstage
  • Running into DJ Dummy (J. Cole/Common’s DJ) for the first time since we did “Hip Hop Love” (party series) together in Toronto

Thank you to Aaron (MSOPR), Ayanna (Roc Nation), Lenny S (Roc Nation) and Six for all their help in getting me situated. It was really a big deal to me and it’s much appreciated.

I’m proud to share my photography with you, please feel free to share any feedback or comments. All photos taken by me, except for the untagged pictures, courtesy of Getty Images.

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