[Music] 100% CDN (Feb. 1/16)

Back to the cold! Our first show back from Jamaica was packed with new music, under the radar gems and classics!

We started things off with the brand new “Summer Sixteen” from the boy (Drake), a new one from Jahkoy and two heaters from Devontée & 11:11.

Tune in tonight as we run a new one from Majid Jordan, some JUNO-nominated hits from Kardi, Drake & August and lots of new music from the artists who have “next”.

100% CDN


Monday 9-10pm



Check out last week’s playlist and audio below:

Drake “Summer Sixteen”

Devontée “Bare Tings”

Jahkoy “Odd Future”

Savannah Re “Life For Us”

k-Os “Crucial” (Kaytranada)

11:11 “You”

Tasha T “In The Jungle”

Ecco Levi “Oh Canada”

McCallaman feat. Tika Simone “Tenfold”

Staasia Daniels “Never Fade”

Hakeem Roze “Better”

Phoenix Pagliacci “Fragile”

Infinite “Gotta Get Mine”

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